Our Beginning

Bags for business and daily life are available in a wide variety of forms. From laptop bags to briefcases in various shapes, colors and materials. However, these are either purely functional or rather old-fashioned.

Working women – independent of origin, education and profession – are therefore creative to come up with alternative solutions for their work weeks, business trips and afterwork activities.  

Commonly, these are cumbersome or not very stylish. 

Cezantí was founded to break up the conservative and old-fashioned fashion of the professional world, because the expression of your individuality through fashion does not have to be limited to weekends and leisure time only!

Who we are

With great passion we develop products that are full of refinement and focus on small details to preserve your treasures. In doing so, Cezantí shapes style, inspires people and creates desires. 

With our handbags and accessories you don’t just complete your look – they are an expression of your individuality and a personal statement without sacrificing comfort and functionality

We enrich the lives of modern people by providing them with handbags and accessories that are true fashion and help them to cope with everyday life

To this end, we closely observe and shape developments in fashion and accessory design. In particular, we put great emphasis on sustainable materials, eco-friendly production and fair working conditions for us and all our partners. 

This inspiration is translated into our designs, which are then carefully implemented by experienced master craftsmen. This means that you always get the best of both worlds.

Your dear companion for
business & leisure

Designed with purpose, created with passion.

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